About Y & H solar energy

Yonghui solar energy was established in 2016. It is referred to as "Y&H". Provide customers with one -stop solar system service.
Y&H is a field of solar products, including hybrid inverters, on Grid inverters, OFF GRID inverters, MPPT solar charging controllers, lithium iron phosphate batteries, PV components, etc. Y&H has a professional and experienced technical team in the photovoltaic field, and is committed to providing high -quality products. And from Y&H, you can complete the entire set of photovoltaic equipment at one time. After -sales, warranty, etc. You only need Y&H to help you solve it.

Why choose "Y&H"?
1. The price is favorable and the quality is excellent.
2. There is a warehouse in Europe, which can be shipped quickly.
3. Provide 2 years warranty service.
4. Support 30-day returns and exchanges.


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