Y&H 1000W DC26-45V AC230V Limiter LCD Display Grid Tie Inverter



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Y&H GTN-1000W Grid Tie inverter It delivers only the power needed by the load and prevents delivering excess power hence avoids excess power in going back to the Grid.

In addition to the PV power generation mode, we have a battery energy storage grid tie power generation mode. During the daytime solar panels generate electricity for household loads, and excess electricity is stored in batteries. The inverter can still work normally at night. And you can set the battery low voltage to stop working to better protect the battery life

Grid Tie Inverter with Limiter Sensor.Delivers only the power needed by the load.
Vmp(of a solar panel) must be in the MPPT range to ensure the good output efficiency.fit for 24V, 30V Solar Panels:Vmp is 26-30V and Voc is 34-38V; 36V Solar Panels: Vmp is 35-39V and Voc is 42-46V
The LCD displays the working status of the inverter, and can set the photovoltaic/battery mode. The fault working status information prompts.
The solar grid tie inverter is suitable for 24V battery and has the function of battery constant power output. The battery power output (80-650W) can be set according to the user's required household power output power. In addition, it has battery low voltage protection to avoid battery capacity exhaustion, thereby better prolonging battery life.
DC overvoltage/overcurrent protection, AC overvoltage/overcurrent/overfrequency protection, over temperature protection, islanding protection.

Inverter Parameter:
PV no-load input voltage Voc:26V-45V
MPPT tracking range:21~31V
fit for 24V, 30V Solar Panels:Vmp is 26-30V and Voc is 34-38V;
fit for 36V Solar Panels: Vmp is 35-39V and Voc is 42-46V
Battery voltage:24V
Battery start voltage setting range:24-31V
Battery low voltage shutdown can be set range:22-30V
Maximum input protection current:40A
Rated AC output power:1000W
Battery mode constant power:80W-650W
Battery limit mode maximum output power:700W
AC Voltage:230V(180-260VAC)
AC Frequency:50HZ/60HZ
Certification: CE