Refunds Policy

Warranty Plan:
Our products support 2 years of free maintenance. If the product fails within 2 years, please contact us to solve it, and we will provide a variety of warranty solutions.

We first help you determine the cause of product failure:
The first solution: If the accessories fail, we can send the accessories to the customer for replacement. We have teaching videos for replacing the accessories.
If the customer chooses to repair at a local repair shop, we can also provide accessories.
(Accessories and main board are free, but the shipping cost of accessories and main board needs to be borne by the customer)
Second solution: We can also provide the main board for replacement.
The third solution: the customer returns the product to China for free repair or replacement. (But the freight of round-trip transportation needs to be borne by the customer)

Returns and exchanges within 30 days:
We accept returns and exchanges within 30 days, but the shipping cost of returns and exchanges is borne by the customer.(Note: Please contact us before returning.)

1. Pack the machine in the original packaging. Machines purchased in sets must be returned in sets.
2. Fill in the order, take a picture and send it to us.
3. Send the package to the address specified by us.
4. After the package is sent, please contact us and send us the package tracking number and the website to check the logistics.

China return address:
To: Mai Huiyan
Address: No. 252-2, Baishashui New District, Fumin Road, Longxi Community, Longcheng Street, Longgang District, Shenzhen
Postal Code: 518116
Phone: 13750091547

Refund within 7 days:
If you do not receive the product within 30 days, please contact us, we will find out the reason for you, and then solve the problem for you according to the reason.
We need to check what caused the delay in the package first. If the package is lost or delayed due to weather, we will give you the following solutions.
1. Reissue new products to you.
2. I will give you a refund within seven days.