Many people often ask how many inverters are?

Many people often ask how many inverters are?
Solar inverters are divided into three types. They are single -phase, three -phase, and division of solar inverters. The working principle of the inverter is to convert DC to AC output. A single -phase inverter refers to the voltage of the AC electricity converted from DC electricity, that is, AC 220V; and the three -phase inverter refers to the three -phase transformation of DC to AC, that is, 380V, three -phase phase, three phases, three phases powered by. It consists of three communication potentials with the same frequency, equal amplitude, and phase difference, which can carry three -phase loads.

So, what is a division of solar inverters?

Under normal circumstances, the inverter only outputs one voltage. But in some countries, there are two input voltage, such as 110V/220V. At this time, if the solar power generation system is used, solar inverters that can output 110V and 220V voltage can be output. We call this inverter that can output two voltage as a division of inverter. The division inverter is suitable for applications such as residential and light business.

Which countries are 110V and 220V voltage?

110V voltage countries: the United States, Canada, Japan, South Korea, etc.
220V voltage countries: China, Singapore, Europe and other countries

Why are there only single -phase and three -phase distinction between common inverters? In fact, the main reason is the type of grid connected by the inverter.

First of all, we understand, what is "phase"? "Phase" refers to the three -phase fire line (A/B/C or L1/L2/L3). Generally, the transformer outputs three fire lines and one zero line (N line), and some will also lead to a ground wire ( PE).

So what is single -phase, two -phase, three phases? What is the voltage of all types of electricity used in daily?
Single phase: consisting of a line of fire and a zero line, "single" refers to any phase of the three phases. The standard voltage between A-N, B-N, C-N is 220V.

Two phases: also known as two-phase, and any two-phase fire lines (A-B, B-C, A-C) in the three phases. The voltage is 380V. There are not many daily seeances. For example, the welding machine is an electrical appliance with two fire 380V.

Three -phase: It is three fire lines. It is expressed by ABC. If it is simply a three -phase voltage, it is 380V, also known as the three -phase triangle; if there is a zero line in addition to the three fire lines, the voltage will have 220V and 380V, which is also the voltage, which is also the voltage, which is also 220V and 380V, which is also the voltage, which is also 220V and 380V. Three -phase star connection.

The phase angle between the three phases of B and C is 120 degrees, and is symmetrical in electrical space. 380V is a line voltage, 220V is the phase voltage. The calculation formula between the two is as follows. There will also be 400V/230V in the inverter representation, which is also the same calculation method.

When installing a three -phase inverter, I often hear three -phase, four lines, three -phase and five lines. After talking about "phase", let's talk about "line" below.

Single -phase and dual line:
A line of fire+a zero line.

Single -phase three lines:
A fire line+a zero line+a ground wire.

Three -phase and three -line (TT system):
Three fire lines are mostly 10kV lines.

Three-phase and four-line (TN-C system):
Three fire lines+one zero line, mainly 380V/220V low -voltage lines, use the working zero line N as a zero protection line PE, can be called a protective neutral line. It is expressed by NPE. place.

Three-phase and five-line (TN-S system):
Three fire lines+one zero -line+one ground wire, strictly separate the work of the working zero -line N and the special protection line PE, for places where safety requirements are high and electric equipment requirement.

Under normal circumstances, single -phase grid -connected inverters are incorporated into single -phase dual -line, single -phase three -line grid line lines.

Three -phase merger reaction dealers are incorporated into three -phase and four -line and three -phase and five -line grid lines.

There is also a three -phase inverter of medium and high -voltage grid grid grid, such as 480V/800V grid, which needs to increase the corresponding boost transformer access three -phase three -line grid (above 10kV).


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