Y&H 500W Grid Tie Inverter DC16V-28V/26V-45V MPPT Pure Sine Wave AC230V Output for 12V/24V


样式: 12V



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  The Grid-tied inverter is used in photovoltaic system, it maximises the output of photovoltaic solar energy from solar modules, and allows the energy to be converted and fed through the power utility grid for normal everyday uses.

Rated Power:500W
PV open voltage range:16-28V/26-45V
PV MAX input power:500W
MPPT Voltage range:11-21VDC/24-35VDC
GTN-500W-12V-220V:Recommended 12V solar panel voltage,Vmp: 18-21V, Voc: 20-24V
GTN-500W-24V-220V:fit for 24V, 30V Solar Panels,Vmp is 26-30V and Voc is 34-38V;fit for 36V Solar Panels:Vmp is 35-39V and Voc is 42-46V
MPP tracking efficiency:>99%
MAX.DC current(A):35A/24A
PV mode AC MAX output:400W(Requires 500W real power input)
Suitable for Battery voltage:12V/24V
Battery high voltage protection:14.5V
Battery Low Voltage Protection:11V/22V
Battery mode Max output power:250W(with14V or above)/320W
AC output range:230VAC(190-260VAC)
Frequency range:50HZ/60HZ
Protection:Islanding; Short-circuit; Low Voltage; Over Voltage; Over temperature Protection
Packing Size (LxWxH):30x22x12CM

Grid tied inverter uses high speed and high specification MCU from USA, so as to achieve a more efficient working
Advanced technology of Multi Power Point Tracking (MPPT) device in our system
High efficiency of MPPT is recorded to be over 99%.
Parallel connection on input of solar energy battery enable simple adjustment of the
power rate for the utility grid.
High efficiency on the design of High Frequency Transformer.
Advanced Anti-island technology.
High performance EMC technique on system protection, advanced modular design,ensuring safety and reliability on our systems.
LED indicators distinctively showing status of system.
Portable size and light weight makes our inverter easy to install,operate,andmaintain.

Battery discharge and grid mode:
A, The DC input of the system can be directly connected with the 12V battery, Turn the knob of the inverter to the right into the battery mode, then the tracking function will be turned off, the output power will be adjusted from left to right, At this point the output power can be adjusted from 80W-250W or so arbitrary output to ensure that the inverter can work for a long time in the grid status.
B, when the inverter connected to the battery discharge, if the battery voltage is too low, the inverter will automatically stop and cut off grid output to protect the battery over discharge to extend battery life.

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