Y&H MPPT 60A Solar Charger Controller 12V 24V 36V 48V Auto Battery Charger Solar Panel Regulator Max PV Input 160VDC w/LCD Display Work with AGM, Gel, Flooded and Lithium



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This is a MPPT charge and discharge controller, With MPPT control algorithm, in any situation, products ofthis series can fast and accurately track out the best maximum power point (MPP) of photovoltaic array, inorder to obtain the maximum solar energy in time, which remarkably improves energy efficiency themaximum conversion efficiency can reach 99.5%; the maximum power point tracking is automatically traced, the charging efficiency is increased by 10% to 30% (compared with the controller without maximum power point tracking), with high efficiency / energy efficiency / intelligence.

1.This series MPPT have such advantages:
*A variety of protection measures to fully protect your battery pack for charging.
*Easy installation, easy setup, full intelligence.
*Full installation guidance and free technical support.
*Charging efficiency up to 99%,
*Heat dissipation through metal housing + fan to improve charging efficiency
*low static standby power consumption;
*Application scenarios: home solar power generation system, monitoring system, basestation, street lamp system, RV, yacht, ship and many other application scenarios arewaiting for you to develop;
*Press button for 5 seconds:Function key: switch the settable parameters, add or subtractthe settable parameters, and store them automatically after 5 seconds;
*Quick setting method:Switch the battery type to user mode, set FLD=PV OFF=battery fullycharged voltage, and you can start charging normally;

2: MPPT protection device:
1) open circuit protection.
2) battery overcharge protection.
3) battery over discharge protection.
4) lightning protection.
5) positive and negative polarity reverse connection protection.
6) Three-stage charging mode, constant current, constant pressure and floating charging,fast, efficient and safe charging.

3:First use: learn the installation steps:
1: Connect the battery first. It is recommended to fully charge the battery for the first wiring
2: Connect the load
3: Connect the PV input

4:Let's learn about the controller display screen and the setting method:

5:Multiple load control modes:

6:Battery Charging StageThe controller have 3 stages charge mode, Constant Current Charging, Constant Voltage Charging and Floating Charging for rapid, efficient, and safe battery charging.

7:Maximum Power Point Tracking Technology:

8:  FAQ:

Q: 12V system (battery 12V), how much V is the solar panel access voltage working normally?
A: Solar panel open circuit voltage (PV Voc) 18V--72V range works normally.

Q: 24V system (battery 24V), how much V is the solar panel access voltage working normally?
A: Solar panel open circuit voltage (PV Voc) 36V--96V range works normally.

Q: 48V system (battery 48V), how much Vis the solar panel access voltage working normally?
A: Solar panel open circuit voltage (PV Voc) 72V--144V range works normally.

Q: Can the inverter access to the controller load port?
A: No, the inverter needs to be connected to the battery.

Q:Can the DC water pump connect to the controller load port?
A:The load port connection is not recommended because the instantaneous current will overloadwhen the pump starts, and a DC pump of less than 200 watts can be tried.