Y&H 60A/80A/100A PWM Solar Charge Controller Max Pv 100V 12V 24V 48V Auto LCD Display Battery Intelligent Regulator for Solar Panel


尺寸: 60A



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The LT controller is an intelligent, multi-purpose solar charge and discharge controller.It features a fixed LCD display with a very user-friendly interface and various control parameters can be set flexibly to meet your application requirements.

Charging efficiency is 15% higher than the same level of PWM controller; it can truly achieve PWM floating charge, they are suitable for solar charging and load charging control of batteries and battery packs, for large voltage off-grid solar systems.

LCD graphic symbol image
Simple button operation
Automatic recognition of system voltage
Intelligent PWM charging mode
Adjustable charge and discharge control parameters
Set load operation mode
Reverse discharge of the battery
Protection against battery low voltage disconnection (LVD).
Battery reverse connection protection
Overcurrent protection.

Battery Voltage:12V/24V/48V Auto
Charging Current:60A/80A/100A
Max Solar input(Voc):50V for 12V/24V battery;100V for 48V battery
Output protection voltage:11.0V ADJ 9V...12V
Output recovery voltage:12.6V ADJ 11V...13.5V
Floating charge voltage:13.8V ADJ13V...15V
Boost charging:14.4V
Battery Over Voltage Protection:16.5

60A 80A,100A with current display.80A,100A with fan cooling
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60A, 80A, 100A