Y&H 550 Watt Half-cut Mono Solar Panel 144cells Home Use PV Module



Warranty service:
Our products provide 2-year free warranty and permanent after-sales services.

Y&H has been specializing in solar energy for 7 years, and our solar panels have a smooth appearance. The solar PV cells are evenly aligned and have high power generation efficiency. Anti-cap and anti-pid technologies are used to ensure a higher actual yield over the life cycle. Whether for commercial or home use, Y&H wholesale solar panels are the best choice and buying solar equipment is actually a sound investment.

Half Cell Mono Solar Panel

Half-cut solar panel is a standard cell cutting into two identical half-cell, then welded together.

Reliable Quality

7 years of abundant experience in the photovoltaic solar panels industry & exported to many countries.

Highly competitive in the mono-cut solar panels industry.

Manufactured with high-precision tools.Innovative technology to reach high perfection.

21.31% Conversion Efficiency Of Solar Cells

Y&H monocrystalline solar cell uses a multi-layer coating process technique.

Excellent performance in wear resistance and bearing capacity.

Configure the solar cells in Module and adopt advanced battery technology.

Stable Product Performance

Y&H monocrystalline PERC solar panel also has good impact resistance.

Configurable accepting direct sunlight over a larger area.

All Half-cut Mono Solar Panels undergo repeated testing and strict quality control