Y&H 4500W Solar Hybrid Inverter 6.25 inch LCD Screen and Touch Buttons



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This is A Multi-function Inverter/charger, Combining Functions Of Inverter, 150A Mppt Solar Charger And Battery Charger To Offer Uninterruptible Power Support With Portable Size. New toughened glass screen design, more user-friendly touch buttons. According to previous sales experience, inverter is easy to heat leading to low work efficiency. Three new cooling fans are added for this purpose.

Technical Specifications:
4.5KW Hybrid Solar Inverter
Model: MPS-VX 4.5KW-24V-M150A
Max.PV Input Power: 5500W
Voltage range: 150-400Vdc
Max. PV Input VOC: 450VDC
Starting voltage >150V
The best working voltage is 200-300V
Max. charge current: 150A.
Nominal Input Frequency: 50/60Hz;
Output Power: 4500W
surge Capacity: 9000w
fit for 24V Lead-Acid (Seal, AGM,Gel, Flooded) and Lithium battery

120~450Vdc wide voltage range for PV access.
Built-in 150A MPPT (Max.PV) solar charger.
Anti-dusk kit for harsh environment. (Optional).
Built-in lithium battery automatic activation.
Unique glass top cover design.
Compatible with 24V lithium-ion and lead-acid battery.
Higher output power up to 4500W, output power factor of 1.0.
No derating when the AC input Voltage is greater than 170V.
Max.solar charging efficiency up to 98%.
Standby power consumption is only 2W.
Communication with RS232/RS485
WiFi monitoring function(optional)
Restore default Settings with one click
Off/On Grid
3 Heat Dissipation Fan