Y&H 60A/80A/100A MPPT Solar Charge Controller 12V 24V 36V 48V LCD Display Battery Intelligent Regulator Max 100V Input Dual USB for Lead-acid/Lithium


尺寸: 60A



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solar charge controller with the most advanced MPPT control algorithm and the maximum power point of the pv array can be quickly tracked in any environment so that it can get the maximum energy from the solar panel and significantly improve the utilization of energy in solar system. It can be used in communication base station, home power supply system, traffic light, solar street lamp, courtyard lamp systems, etc.

Advanced MPPT maximum power point tracking technology, the tracking efficiency is no less than 99.5%.
The LCD is designed to dynamically display the operation data and working status of the equipment.
Compatible with Seal, GEL, Flooded, LifePO4 battery charging
Dual USB 5V charging ports
12V/24V/36V/48V automatic identification
Over-voltage protection
Over-current protection
Over temperature protection
7 kinds of working mode selection
Controller parameters display (working mode, battery voltage, PV charging current, battery discharging current, product working temperature, delay time);
Some of the controller parameters can be modified by the user to set and save.
with backlight display

Controller parameter:
Battery Voltage:12V/24V/36V/48V Auto
Charging Current:60A/80A/100A
Max Solar Input(Voc):15-25V(12V Battery);30-50V(24V Battery);45-75V(36V Battery);60-100V(48V Battery)
60A Maximum PV Input power:720W(12V Battery);1440W(24V Battery);2160W(36V Battery);2880W(48V Battery)
80A Maximum PV Input power:960W(12V Battery);1920W(24V Battery);2880W(36V Battery);3840W(48V Battery)
100A Maximum PV Input power:1200W(12V Battery);2400W(24V Battery);3600W(36V Battery);4800W(48V Battery)

7 kinds of working mode selection:
Charging mode: in any case, never discharge.
Light control mode: when the controller detects nights, it will delay ten minutes then start to discharge; when it detects daytime, it will delay ten minutes then stop discharging.
Light and time delay control mode: when the controller detects nights, it will delay ten minutes then start to discharge and count down, if the timer stops by zero, discharge will stop. The longest duration of delay is 23:59.
Universal control mode: under the trouble-free condition, it always keep discharging.
Manual control mode: it uses “▼” for discharging or not.
Timing control mode: it opens or closes the discharge regularly.
Test mode: it is the same as light and time delay control mode but only loses ten minutes of time delay.
The controller still discharges under low voltage protection. Touch-holding “▼” for 5 seconds, discharge continues to output. But discharge is only stopped by hand. Notice that this performance may damage the battery, be careful with it!

Note:It is high quality compatible MPPT + PWM Solar Controllers ,not 100% Ture MPPT

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60A, 80A, 100A