Y&H 300W、350W Solar Grid Tie Inverter DC26-46V AC180-260V MPPT Pure Sine Wave Inverter


样式: 300W



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300W/350W Grid Tie inverter is a compact unit,which directly converts direct current into alternating current for powering appliances and/or office equipments and connecting to utility grid.The AC output from Smart Micro inverter is synchronized and in-phase with the utility grid.

Maximum Output Power:300W/350W
Rated Output Power:280W/320W
DC Input: 18V-50V
AC Output Voltage: 180V-260V
Frequency Range: 50/60HZ Auto
MPPT range: 24V - 40V.
Solar Panel Voltage: Vmp30-39V; Voc38-46V
Solar Panel Power: maximum 300W/350W

User notice:
• Use solar panel ONLY connect to this equipment.
• This equipment is ON-GRID Microinverter, To make it work properly, it must be connected to the power grid correctly,and the power grid is working properly, When the power grid stopped working, it will also stop generating.
• Do NOT exceed PV panel(s) voltage over the inverter max input voltage.(Voc<50V)
• Do NOT exceed PV panel(s) power over the inverter max input power.(300W)
• The positive and negative poles of the solar panel cannot be reversed. If you extend the solar panel cable. You need to be careful about this problem.
• Install away from direct sunlight and direct rain exposure.(Ventilated, dry, cool)

About voltage:
The 18-50V grid tie micro inverter will start up at 24V, after starting, the inverter can work in 18V-39V (Vmp).Solar Panel Voc cannot be higher than 50V.
Vmp = solar panel working voltage; Voc = solar panel open circuit voltage.So don’t think that 50V is the working voltage (Vmp)
Why not use 12V solar panels? 12V panel working voltage Vmp18-20V, open circuit voltage Voc20-24V.
the 12V panel is just a starting voltage. If the sunlight is weak, the working voltage will be lower than 18V. It is easy to make the inverter work unstable, and the inverter will start repeatedly. It is easy to damage the inverter.
Recommended Solar Panel Voltage: Vmp30-39V; Voc38-46V

Package Include:
1XGrid Tie Inverter
1 x AC Cable 30CM
1 x English User's Manaul

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