Y&H 1400W Grid Tie Inverter DC10.8-30VAC190-260V Stackable MPPT Inverter



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1400W Grid Tie inverter (On Grid) converts the Direct Current (DC) electricity that is generated by the PV panels into Alternating Current (AC) electricity, which is used to power appliances in your home. If the generated power exceeds your usage, the extra power is sent back to your local grid system, and you are eligible for credit from your power provider company.

Technical Parameters:
Model: GTI-1400W-18V-220V
Solar panels:200W-1400W
The Voltage of Matched solar panel:Vmp: 17-21V, Voc: 20-24V
AC Output Voltage: 230VAC(190-260VAC)
Frequency Range: 48Hz ~ 62Hz Auto
DC Input: 10.8-32V
MPPT range: 15.5-23V.Vmp(of a solar panel) must be in the MPPT range to ensure the good output efficiency
Certification:CE RoHS
Please note that this inverter is specially designed for solar panels, it can be applied to 12V solar panels, Vmp is 17-20V, Voc is 20-24V

How to DIY Grid Tie Inverter Solar System?
DC10.8-30V version.
Please check the power of your solar panel, the power cannot be lower than 300W
Please check your solar panel voltage, open circuit voltage 20-24V (Voc)
Note: Please use solar panels with the same specifications

MPPT technology:
Creative MPPT tech makes efficiency higher than 99%. Peak conversion 80%. Consider the conversion rate of solar panel is about 80%, for example, if you need 500W power output from the inverter, you need to connect it to a solar panel that 500 / 0.8 / 0.8 equals about 780W, (780w * 0.8 * 0.8 = 500w)

Multiple protections:
Islanding; Short-circuit; converse connection; Low Voltage; Over Voltage; Over temperature Protection

Fan Cooling:
Intelligence Fan-on temperature >45℃ and off < 40℃. High-speed ventilation fans to help keep the inverter running at a low temperature.

Please be noted:
This grid tie inverter cannot be used as off grid/stand alone solar system. The output need to be connected to the grid power. Can not supply power directly to the AC loads.
DO NOT use solar controller load ports to connect to the inverter
Some buyers may have concerns about the output power not reach their expectations. Here is the reason.
This unit was ideally designed for a 18V solar panel If using 12v battery as input, the inverter will not reach it's max power point.
We will suggest using 24v battery as input source to get a better output power.
Use a battery to power the inverter, please use a circuit breaker.